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  • How to make your diet work for you (this is a stumbling block for so many people).
  • Tips and tricks for competition day from American Ninja Warrior competitors.

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Articles on training techniques, Ninjas in Training and our thoughts & experiences.

Adam Waring - warped wall


It took me about 4 goes to get to the top of the Warped Wall… it’s surprisingly scary, but if take it step by step it becomes the easiest thing ever (not really).

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Aussie Ninja Warrior - Australian Ninja Warrior Application 2016 - Adam Waring


My application video for NINJA WARRIOR AUSTRALIA 2016. It was heaps of fun to make and edit, and I thank everyone who helped me with it. I love it.

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Aussie Ninja Warrior YouTube Show - Episode 4


Episode 4 of the Aussie Ninja Warrior YouTube show.  2 weeks until filming of Australian Ninja Warrior on Ninja Island. It’s all happening!

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Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

Our Ninja Team

No one can develop all the ninja skills on their lonesome.
  • Testimonial

    Adam Waring

    Soon to be First Australian Ninja Warrior

    About Adam Waring

    Adam Waring was born in Melbourne, Australia and in October 2015 moved to Portland, OR in the United States to pursue his dream of becoming the first Australian to compete on American Ninja Warrior. He is set to take the world by storm on Season 9 in 2017. Of course, a few months into his American training, Australian Ninja Warrior was announced. He’s going to tackle both.  This dude will be 39 years old in his rookie appearance, better late than never!

    His more detailed story here.


  • Testimonial

    Cody Knope-Jenkins

    Chief Ninja Trainer

    About Cody Knope-Jenkins

    Cody Knope-Jenkins is the primary Ninja Trainer in Portland, Oregon. Combining his fitness and engineering backgrounds, he’s developed a large number of obstacles which are all now available in his gym. He was a gymnast and cheer-leader in school and so brings all those skills together to be an all-round ace obstacle course trainer.

What is Australian Ninja Warrior?

Australian Ninja Warrior is a television show that is styled after American Ninja Warrior… which was in turn inspired by the Japanese television show Sasuke.  It is basically a crazy hard obstacle that elite athletes, Olympians and normal every day people take on.  It normally has 3 or 4 stages, where the obstacles get progressively more difficult.  A competitor has to complete each obstacle course (often by a particular time) to progress to the next stage.  The Japanese Ninja Warrior has been going for 31 seasons and has only had maybe 5 competitors actually finish it.

We can’t wait to wait the ninja warrior show when Australian Ninja Warrior Season 1 airs mid 2017. Which Australian Warriors will take on the course?

Despite being almost impossibly hard, training for Ninja Warrior 2018 really is an incredibly fun and meaningful challenge.  The community both nationally and aboard is so super supportive and incredibly friendly… it’s everyone versus the course.  We’re trying to build a really fun and sharing community in Australia, let us know if you’re interested… it’ll be the best decision of your life!

Australian Ninja Warrior

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