AusNW doubles prize money for Season 2!

Travers Jamieson

Good news everyone!

Lisa ParkesWe already knew that Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2 was confirmed for Channel 9 in 2018, but what we didn’t know is that they’re doubling the prize money, aaaaaaaand, that’ll continue to jackpot until someone conquers Mt Midoriyama.  Channel 9 said in a press release:

“Nine looks forward to another successful season of Australian Ninja Warrior in 2018 and has today confirmed that the 2017 prize money of $100,000 would be rolled over for next year creating a $200,000 prize and will continue to increase, until a contestant conquers Mount Midoriyama.”

Obviously I had hoped the show would do well in Australia… I was fairly confident, but Australia loves reality TV, and it loves sports, and we’re good at stuff… but I wasn’t really confident until I saw some footage myself to prove the edit and production was nothing like Ninja Warrior UK… to my absolute delight, the show didn’t just do well…

Australian Ninja Warrior has also outperformed the audience for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, with every episode rating higher than every session of the Games. Ninja’s 5 City metro consolidated average came in at 1.727 million, which is above the average 1.409 million viewers who tuned in for the Olympics last year (average combined audience of ‘In Rio Today’ on Seven, and primetime highlights on 7Mate and 7Two).

5.2ninjaChannel 9 must be absolutely rapt!  It truly is the ultimate family show, and proven by it breaking records across all the viewing demographics in both the cities and regional areas… and the show did really well in the 0-17 age group, which is amazing, cos who cares about television and/or waiting for a set time for shows to be on.


So, the moral of the story… train hard, and sit tight… it’s gonna be a hell of a ride Australia!



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