Australian Ninja Games – Round 1

Australian Ninja Games Round 1

Raising The Bar Calisthenics Training – Ninja Competition on the 20th of January 2018

by Lachlan Fyfe

Editors note : This competition is called The Floor is Lava, but it is also the first round in the Australian Ninja Games and the first round on the QLD Cup.  So absolutely an important event to kick of the Ninja year.


It was an epic start to the year with Raising The Bar Calisthenics Floor is Lava competition kicking things off. Some of the best ninjas in the country were in attendance including some fresh but very capable faces.

The course was broken down to the following elements:

  • Steps
  • Balance
  • Rope swing
  • Trampoline to arm jump
  • Cliff hanger
  • Gravity Grips and Pegboard
  • Lache challenge
  • Warped Wall
  • Salmon ladder (Stage 3 & 4)


The competition ran on a different basis to other competitions in the area. Rather than having 4 different stages as the competition progressed the elements remained the same but got harder and harder. This meant that a simple balance beam in stage 1 was upgraded to elevated balance in stage 2 and again upgraded to 7ft rail precision landing by stage 4.

This gave competitors the sense that they have had a “practice run” as the rounds progressed and where more well equip to push themselves further physically and mentally.  There were no time limits on the runs and competitors scored 1 point for every obstacle they completed successfully. If competitors made a mistake they could still continue with their run and keep scoring points.

Straight from the start the talent and strength of the competitors was evident, old or new it was great to watch! Stages 1 and 2 progressed very well and were noticeably harder than previous competitions. The 2m Cannoncone to Cannoncone lache, cliff hanger and the elevated balance beams caught a lot of competitors off guard. Unfortunately by the end of stage 2 veterans Lisa Parkes, Emma Teede and Brian Thaker had been eliminated.

Stage 3 was now down to the top 16 competitors and the excitement really started to build with every single point becoming essential to staying in the game. This stage presented new challenges namely the salmon ladder, a 2m lache’ to small dynamite sticks and 6ft Rail precision jumps which all made the difference by the end.

Tom Hazell, Aiden Plummer and Kim Andrews from the Garage crew all came in strong with Tom Hazell earning the top score of 8 points for stage 3. Ryan Brooke, Shane Elisara, Adam Chadburn and Angus Lambe all scored 7 points securing themselves in stage 4.

Unfortunately Todd Smith, Pa Rambo, Kim Andrews, Nathan Burley and Fergus Baker where among those just missing out on the top 8 most but just a single point.

Stage 4 was ready for action with a whole new set of challenges including 4 X 185mm Cannonball lache’s and a massive 1.5m dyno, 6 reps on the salmon ladder and the pegboard followed by a series of small and medium dynamite sticks to pump out competitors grips.

As explained to the top 8 this was the best of the best and this course was designed to separate them apart everything was challenging and every point mattered.  Especially when Tom Hazell, Adam Chadburn, Ryan Brooke and Aiden Plummer all were tied for first place!

Qld Ninja Cup round 1 is done and dusted. It was a good start to the competition year and a good indication as to how well the hard training has worked out, as well as what skills still need work. I’m happy with where my skills are at, at this stage of the season. Thanks to @lachlanfyfe for once again putting on a great “Floor Is Lava” comp. Thanks to @tails_pics for capturing my competition trunks in all their glory. My next Ninja comp will be “Ninja Showdown” on 3rd Feb at @crankindoorclimbinggym. Competitors will race 1 on 1 through obstacle courses within the large climbing, parkour and ninja premises. To enter Ninja Showdown go to the link in my bio, or hit me up for any more information. . . . #tailspics #ninja #ninjawarrior #rings #competition #ninjacompetition #calisthenics #gym #gripstrength #ninjawarriorau #fitness #qldfit #brisbanehealthandfitness #brisbanefitness #brisbanefitfam #weekendwarriorplanet #athlete #arichfitness #tristuds #salmonladder #warpedwall #ocr #obstacles @ninjawarriorau @raisingthebarcalisthenics @gravity.grips @funkytrunks

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The top scorers were made to go first in the final round and they did not disappoint!

Ryan Brooke and Tom Hazell scored a massive 8 and 7 points respectively. Aiden Plummer and Adam Chadburn scored 6 points after narrowly missing the 185 cannonball lache’ and salmon ladder. Adam Baker made an amazing coming back scoring 7 points missing out on third place by 1 point! Angus Lambe was the only competitor to complete the 185 Cannonball laches successfully but unfortunately he did not place in this comp. Loki Kuroi and Shane Elisara also did exceptionally well but in the end the winner was clear.


Ryan Brooke took 1st place with 29 points

Tom Hazell took 2nd with 28 points

And in third place we had a tie

Aiden Plummer and Adam Chadburn


It was an incredible competition and a massive turnout that literally only came down to single points. I was so proud and pleased with how every did especially my own ninjas (Loki, Angus and Adam).  I want to thank every single person that competed it was amazing to see how far you’ve all come in such a short time.

The next competition will be held at Crank Indoor Climbing on the 3rd of Feb hosted by champions Ryan Brooke and Adam Chadburn. I am looking forward to seeing you all there!

Your friend and coach,

Lachlan Fyfe

Raising The Bar Calisthenics

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