Armchair Ninja Podcast – featuring Aussie Ninja Adam Waring

Armchair Ninja Podcast

It’s no secret that I love podcasts…

Activities that used to be a total drudge are now an excuse to zone out and listen to all the words of smart.  I actually get excited when I have to drive for a couple of hours or do something mundane at work just so I can podcast up.

I listen to podcasts quite a bit when I’m working out, and one I’ve been particularly loving during training is the Armchair Ninja Podcast.  The constant reminder of amazing athletic achievements while I’m working out is super motivating in the moment, and the lads distract me from the uncomfortableness of lifting heavy things.

I’m only a recent convert to these guys, I’d seen them on Reddit heaps, but hadn’t gone down the rabbit hole… so glad I did because I got to be on one of their episodes!!

I was nervous about it for a full 2 weeks; what if I forgot how to talk, what if I only answered questions via monosyllabicity, what if they couldn’t understand a word I was saying (as per all wait-staff in the US)… all my fears were unfounded, these dudes are so nice and I had a super great time.  I never felt ‘interviewed’ at any stage, it was mainly just some dudes yakkin’ about some stuff that we’re all heaps into.  I have no idea if I’m entertaining in any way shape or form, but I had fun.


If you like listening to things, maybe you’ll like to check out this podcast on any of the below 3 links… they’re all the same podcast, just hosted in different spots:

Armchair Ninja Podcast with Aussie Ninja on Libsyn

Armchair Ninja Podcast with Aussie Ninja on YouTube

Armchair Ninja Podcast with Adam Waring


We talk about these guys:

ANW Experience

Wolfpack 2.0

Australian Ninja Warrior

Ninja Lab: Classic City NNL Recap


I really had a lot of fun chatting about all things Ninja Warrior, which is easily my favourite topic of convo.

Aussie Ninja Warrior Logo

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