ANW Fantasy – guess who crushed it?

Hey hey!

Remember that time when we did this article; Fantasy Sports and Ninja Warrior, and it was awesome?

Well, guess who came in 2nd out of the whole entire world (of people playing Fantasy American Ninja Warrior)?   I’ve been traveling around a heap and actually haven’t caught up on any of the finals yet (all set for a massive binge this weekend), but that didn’t stop me from doing AOK with the team of ninjas I selected at the start of the year:

Joe Moravsky, Josh Levin, Daniel Gil, Drew Dreschel and Najee Richardson.  I love all these guys, and next year I’ve got the tough task of somehow squeezing Adam Rahl into the team.

ANWFantasy Results

This has been my biggest year in Fantasy for, like, 15 years.  I won my Ultimate Footy Keeper league, which is huge… and just lost my Supercoach league Grand Final by 30 points.  Gutted but so close.

I would highly, highly, highly recommend getting involved next season (Season 10) in ANW Fantasy. It’s such a fun show, and this amps the excitement even more.

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