Welcome to the Australian Ninja Games

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The Australian Ninja Games s a points based league where competitors can accumulate points by their success on the Ninja obstacle courses run monthly by rotating Ninja Gym venues.

The events range in price from $25 to $80 to enter, each with their own prizes… however, the winners of the entire Australian Ninja Games league in 2018 will also get prizes.

There will be 10 State Ninja Competitions between January 2018 and October 2018… those ninjas with the most points will then be eligible to compete in the National Finals.

The winners of the National Finals of the Australian Ninja Games will win so many great prizes.

Upcoming Events

Season One 2018:

Round 1 Raising the bar – 2pm 20th January 2018 (Details) (Tickets)

Round 2 Compound Training – 10am 18th February (Details) (Tickets)

Round 3 Centenary Play Ground – 12:30pm 15th April (Details) (Tickets)




Overall Australian Ninja Games Leaderboard


Ninja’s NameRound One PointsRound Two PointsRound Three PointsRound Four PointsRound Five PointsTotal



We’re still finalising prizes but Gravity Grips and Rocktape are leading the charge.

Competitor Guidlines


Competitions are determined by age… Competitors may not enter a competition that they are not in the age range for.

Past Events


Season One 2017 – Round 1 OCRS – 1pm 2nd Sept 2017 (Details) (Tickets) (Report)