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Australian Ninja Games

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The Australian Ninja Games s a points based league where competitors can accumulate points by their success on the Ninja obstacle courses run monthly by rotating Ninja Gym venues.

The events range in price from $25 to $80 to enter, each with their own prizes… however, the winners of the entire Australian Ninja Games league in 2018 will also get prizes.

There will be 10 State Ninja Competitions between January 2018 and October 2018… those ninjas with the most points will then be eligible to compete in the National Finals.

The winners of the National Finals of the Australian Ninja Games will win so many great prizes.

Upcoming Events

Season One 2018:

Round 1 Raising the bar – 2pm 20th January 2018 (Details) (Tickets) (Report)

Round 2 Compound Training – 10am 18th February (Details) (Tickets)

Round 3 Five Star Fitness – 10am 11th March (Details) (Tickets)

Round 4 EAS  – 10am 14th April (Details) (Tickets)

Round 5 Centenary Play Ground – 12:30pm 21st April (Details) (Tickets)

Round 6 OCRS – 16th June (Details) (Tickets)

Round 7 Fighting Lyons – 17th June (Details) (Tickets)

Round 8 Ninja Play Byron Bay– 22nd July (Details) (Tickets)

Round 9 GBOT– 19th August (Details) (Tickets)

Round 10 B.Firm – 15th & 16th September (Details) (Tickets)

Round 11 Terrain Training – Oct 21st (Details) (Tickets)






Overall Australian Ninja Games Leaderboard


Ninja’s NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Formula fixerHighest Score 1Highest Score 2# of Events ( Max. 3)Average Score
1Ryan Brooke93.7594.120.0094.1293.75293.94
2Jack Martin80.3987.500.0087.5080.39283.95
3Jake Baker88.2475.000.0088.2475.00281.62
4Adam Chadburn81.2576.470.0081.2576.47278.86
5Patrick Teylan82.3565.630.0082.3565.63273.99
6Tom Hazell87.5056.860.0087.5056.86272.18
7Bede Wheatland50.9884.380.0084.3850.98267.68
8Shane Elisara56.2566.670.0066.6756.25261.46
9Leonard Hermawan72.5550.000.0072.5550.00261.28
10Ashlin Herbert98.040.0098.040.00149.02
11Matthew Kirkham96.880.0096.880.00148.44
12Daniel Mason96.080.0096.080.00148.04
13Nic Manning93.750.0093.750.00146.88
14Zak Stolz92.160.0092.160.00146.08
15Josh O’Sullivan90.630.0090.630.00145.32
16Troy Brown90.200.0090.200.00145.10
17Clem Vertigan68.6318.750.0068.6318.75243.69
18Chris Chan86.270.0086.270.00143.14
19Evangelos Papalexopoulos15.6968.750.0068.7515.69242.22
20Matt Walker84.310.0084.310.00142.16
21Cameron McLintock81.250.0081.250.00140.63
22Alan Davis41.1837.500.0041.1837.50239.34
23Troy Slater78.430.0078.430.00139.22
24Ben Stewart78.130.0078.130.00139.07
25Aiden Plummer75.000.0075.000.00137.50
26Miki Simankevicius74.510.0074.510.00137.26
27Dan Walker71.880.0071.880.00135.94
28Fred Dorrington70.590.0070.590.00135.30
29Adam Baker68.750.0068.750.00134.38
30James Sayers64.710.0064.710.00132.36
31Anh Tuan Nguyen62.750.0062.750.00131.38
32Angus Lambe62.500.0062.500.00131.25
33Dylan James62.500.0062.500.00131.25
34Chris Poppleton60.780.0060.780.00130.39
35Leon Gantert59.380.0059.380.00129.69
36Chris Brown58.820.0058.820.00129.41
37George Li56.250.0056.250.00128.13
38Matthew Marazita54.900.0054.900.00127.45
39Joe Kane53.130.0053.130.00126.57
40Louis Foundling52.940.0052.940.00126.47
41Steve Axis21.5731.250.0031.2521.57226.41
42Loki Kuroi50.000.0050.000.00125.00
43Simon Paini49.020.0049.020.00124.51
44Nam Tran47.060.0047.060.00123.53
45Joanna Taylor46.880.0046.880.00123.44
46Pedro Fortuyn45.100.0045.100.00122.55
47Fergus Baker43.750.0043.750.00121.88
48Mick Gleeson43.750.0043.750.00121.88
49Jade Haddy43.140.0043.140.00121.57
50Michael Adkin40.630.0040.630.00120.32
51Kadeem Aarons39.220.0039.220.00119.61
52Nathan Burley37.500.0037.500.00118.75
53Shaun Brien37.250.0037.250.00118.63
54Alarna Haintz35.290.0035.290.00117.65
55Melinda Simcoe34.380.0034.380.00117.19
56Michelle Callanan33.330.0033.330.00116.67
57Jackson Caspersz31.370.0031.370.00115.69
58Kim Andrews31.250.0031.250.00115.63
59Cole Pepperell29.410.0029.410.00114.71
60Liam Seymour28.130.0028.130.00114.07
61Daniel Kerekes27.450.0027.450.00113.73
62Tamara Caspersz25.490.0025.490.00112.75
63Adam Treffiletti25.000.0025.000.00112.50
64Pa Rambo25.000.0025.000.00112.50
65Maddi Mason23.530.0023.530.00111.77
66Michael Camuglia21.880.0021.880.00110.94
67Jaze Dubios19.610.0019.610.0019.81
68Todd Smith18.750.0018.750.0019.38
69Aaron Hall17.650.0017.650.0018.83
70William Werner15.630.0015.630.0017.82
71Paul Lyons13.730.0013.730.0016.87
72Allyson Manley12.500.0012.500.0016.25
73Brian Thacker12.500.0012.500.0016.25
74Tash Jack11.760.0011.760.0015.88
75Natalie Linsdell9.800.009.800.0014.90
76Michelle Buhne9.380.009.380.0014.69
77Amy Reynolds7.840.007.840.0013.92
78Belinda Lamberis6.
79Emma Teede6.
80Jolene Kelly5.880.005.880.0012.94
81Steve Taylor3.920.003.920.0011.96
82Nagarjuna Palnati3.
83Michael Keon1.960.001.960.0010.98
84Ian Newland0.
85Lisa Parkes0.
86Monique McCreanor0.


We’re still finalising prizes but Gravity Grips and Rocktape are leading the charge.

Competitor Guidlines

Competitions are determined by age… Competitors may not enter a competition that they are not in the age range for.

Australian Ninja Games National Final to be held in December 2018 (dates and location to be finalised).

The top 2 ninjas from each state qualifier will gain automatic entry to the Australian Ninja Games National Final in December.

The top 10 ninjas will earn points towards their state ranking which will accumulate throughout the year. After the last state qualifier has been completed, the top 14 ninjas with the highest points from each state will also earn an entry for the Australian Ninja Games.

*Please note: The top 10 females ninjas from around Australia will also gain entry to the Australian Ninja Games National Final regardless of their overall rankings.