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What’s your story?

Please understand you don’t need to be a fitness superstar to be on Australian Ninja Warrior… it’s not at all about proving who can do the most pullups.  It’s an obstacle course, sure, but at it’s heart it’s a television show about people rising above the obstacles in their life.  It’s an inspiring reality television show designed to build people up.swinging 3

We talked to a lot of people last year, and so many told us about how much they want to be on the show or attempt the course, but I honestly think that’s the wrong way to look at it… think about the thousands of applications the show gets, then think about why should the producers select you?  What can you bring to the show that the audience would love?


Girls killing it for ANW-KacyNow, once you’ve got that figured out, it’s time to get training.

Access to obstacles is helpful, but not essential. You can develop everything you need in a normal gym, or in your environment.

Everyone focuses on strength (particularly grip strength) but it’s only one part of the puzzle. You’ll need flexibility, balance, durability, endurance and technique.

The course is tough, so you’ll need some conditioning to get through it and prevent injury in the lead up.

We’ve got a ton of exercises and strategies for you to try on this website, but I’d also recommend looking into working some rock climbing, parkour and calisthenics into your training week.  If you can, try to get to one of the Ninja gyms set up in Australia to help you refocus your training and highlight any areas you might need to work on. Click on our Ninja Gym section here.

This is probs a little overwhelming, so let’s break it down:

Using American Ninja Warrior as an example, only 30% of competitors make it to the 3rd obstacle. So, if you only work on the skills you need for obstacles 1 and 2 you’ll make it further than the majority.  Easy!

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