Australian Ninja Warrior Records

With Aussie Ninjas doing amazing things all the time, we wanted one place to keep track of who is smashing us all, so here we have the Australian Ninja Warrior Records page.  Please let us know when someone does something amazing and we’ll list it here.  The one rule is, of course, video or it never happened.


First Female up the Warped Wall – Andrea Hah on Episode 7 (Semi-Final 2) of Season 1 of Australian Ninja Warrior.

Longest Lache – 4.9 metres by Jaze Dubois (@jazedubois) (Source)

Highest Warped Wall – unknown… anyone know the highest wall in Australia?

Most Salmon Ladder Rungs – unknown.


Obviously we’re a little bit light on for records, but as the Ninja gyms get bigger in Australia I think this page will explode with achievement!