State v State Aussie Comp

State v State Ninja Comp

The State v State comp happening down at Terrain Training on the Gold Coast has been producing some epic footage.  7.5 hours of Ninja Challenges with the various states all competing for the most points.  No news on which state has won yet, but have a look at some of these:

This was by far the hardest competition I have even been a part off. A truly colossal event: 7.5 hours straight, 10 extremely difficult Ninja Challenges, at least 1 million calories burned in total by the 52 competitors. Witnessed so many successes and failures, and saw all the competitors (most of the best Ninjas in Australia) doing their absolute best to work as a team in order to beat this completely outrageous obstacle course that @shaneelisara and his team at Terrain Training put together. Many of the challenges were not beaten, however there were some truly amazing performances. I am really proud with how my team @theninjastars performed particularly considering that none of us had trained for most of these challenges before. Huge thanks to Shane for making this event happen and for the endless time that he spent in preparation. Congratulations to all the teams that competed. You are all LEGENDS in my eyes and winners for completing this event. Now I think I need a month off…! These are some highlights from parts of 3 of the challenges to get an idea about what we had to overcome… ? by @amanda_positive1 #ninjawarrior #ninja #ninjatraining #obstacles #obstaclecourse #obstacletraining #ocr #ocrtraining #ocrathlete #spartan #spartanrace #spartantraining #crossfit #parkour #calisthenics #strength #endurance

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I’m really excited about this one… looking forward to smashing the Australian Ninja Warrior Records page with some data.

This was taken before the comp… letting everyone know they were in for a big day.

State vs State Ninja Style competition going down right now!

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More news to come!

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