Saturday – unscheduled rest day

Saturday Ninja Training

Woke up and was still pretty sore from last night, especially in the elbows/forearms.

First thing in the morning I went to the gym to work on my tendonitis eccentric exercises, and that calmed my arms down…. for a bit.¬† After talking to a PT last night, he suggested a few exercises for my tendonitis… and so I added those in two, and the bicep curl exercise in particular flared the tendonitis back up a bit.

I’m not sure if my arms were just super unhappy from last night or if that motion is just no good for me, but some further work is required to figure out these guys.

Also tried to work on my scapula mobility, but my hands were just dead tired from last night and pretty much fell off the bar as soon as I touched it.

Saturday is my cardio day, but I was just crazy tired…. so I literally just sat on the couch for hours to recover. I was sore all over, especially my neck for some reason, and so pretty happy just to chill.



Training Journal Stats


  • Tendonitis in both elbows
  • Gammy left knee¬† (Quad steps two weeks ago)

Sore bits:

  • Forearms, lower neck, ribs

Goal for this week:

  • Reconfigure my workouts

Goals for June:

  • Successfully land a 9ft (2.7 meters) lache.
  • Successfully catch the UFO grab from a lache.

2017 goals:

  • Submit an application for Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2
  • Submit an application for American Ninja Warrior Season 10
  • Complete at least 5 obstacles in a NNL or UNAA comp

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