How to train for Australian Ninja Warrior eBook


‘How to train for Australian Ninja Warrior’ by Adam Waring includes pro tips, tricks and workout routines from Ninja Trainers, Rock Climbers and Parkour experts in America. It’s a must read for anyone wanting to compete on Australian Ninja Warrior or fitness enthusiasts looking for an exciting new workout.


How to train for Australian Ninja Warrior by Adam Waring

This eBook is essential for anyone who is thinking they may want to try out for the television show Australian Ninja Warrior.

This book was written with all the knowledge and training I’ve received from Ninja Trainers, Parkour Experts and Rock Climbers during my time training in America.  It’s based off a lot of conversations I’ve had from people that have competed in American Ninja Warrior as well as my own experience in training on the obstacles.

Topics covered:

  • 4 Areas of Training
  • Beginner workout routine
  • Adam Waring’s workout routine
  • Diet
  • Keys to training effectively
  • Tips and Tricks for Competition Day


Purchasing ‘How to train for Australian Ninja Warrior’ is an investment, we will be continually adding to this eBook and updating as we train more, see more and talk to more Ninjas.  Anyone who purchases version 1 will also be sent future versions as they are completed.  The whole point of this website is to share everything as we learn.

Hit us up if you have any questions!

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