Saturday – Incinerator

Saturday Ninja Training

When I woke up this morning, the first thing that hit me were how sore the tendonitis in my elbows was.

I went straight to the gym and did some eccentric exercises to try and calm them down, which definitely helped.  Once they felt better, I thought I’d test out their recovery with a muscle up (haven’t tried one in forever) but my hands were feeling super rough from last night so I didn’t go through with it.

The elbows flared up again shortly after though, for the first time ever/this week, the exercises only temporarily helped.

Massaged them out with a lacrosse ball which again, helped at the time but the relief didn’t last long.

I then got out my 4-arm strong device and gave that a whirl.


It took the pain away too… now I’m waiting to see how long.  I actually only used it on my right arm, to compare.


Ideally though, as soon as I got home from the Competitive Ninja Warrior class at Skyhook Ninja Fitness last night, I should have done some of the following:

  • Epsom salt bath
  • 4-arm strong
  • massage with lacrosse ball
  • rubbed joint ‘n’ muscle cream on my forearms
  • stretched everything including forearms

Instead I just sat on the couch and ate pizza.  In my defense it was 9:30pm and I was so hungry… but I also need to be better at taking some protein and bananas to the class to eat straight away after the class is done.

It’s all about having systems in place to to help you get to the best outcome.


Giving my arms a rest, and being a super lovely day, we decided to smash out a hike. It’s almost stressful trying to decide which hike to do, there’s so many, and at the moment everyone is freaking out about seeing the wildflowers in bloom… which only lasts for a couple of weeks.

Since that my knee is still a dodgy piece of garbage (I take that back, I love you knee, get well soon) we took a smaller walk that had plenty of hills.   Which, getting lost every ten seconds means that FitBit tells me we did 14km, 88 staircases in 19,604 steps.  Really good for the ankles and knees too, and just good for the whole de-stressing thingamig (ironic given the anxiety deciding on the exact perfect hike)

Bush walk 1 27-05 




Training Journal Stats


  • Tendonitis in both elbows
  • Gammy left knee  (Quad steps last Tuesday)

Goal for this week:

  • Learn and do the exercises for tendonitis

Goals for May:

  • Successfully land a 9ft (2.7 meters) lache.
  • Successfully catch the UFO grab from a lache.

2017 goals:

  • Submit an application for Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2
  • Submit an application for American Ninja Warrior Season 10
  • Complete at least 5 obstacles in a NNL or UNAA comp


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