Welcome to the NSW Ninja League (NNL)

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The NSW Ninja League is a points based league where competitors can accumulate points by their success on the Ninja obstacle courses run monthly by rotating Ninja Gym venues.

Each event costs $30 to enter and there are prizes for each event as well as huge prizes for the overall winner of each season.  Each season lasts a quarter of the year.

Venues are Run Jump Crawl & OCRS. Sponsored by INOV8 Australia.


Season One 2017 – Round 1 OCRS – 1pm 2nd Sept 2017 (Details) (Tickets) (Report)

Overall NSW Ninja League Rankings

Ninja’s NameRound One PointsRound Two PointsRound Three PointsRound Four PointsTotal Points
Josh O’Sullivan2020
Josh Harvey1616
Matt Walker1414
Scott Campbell1212
Mick Gleeson1010
Raymond Tanasoff88
Ken Elias66
Zoe Featonby44
Sam Hudson22
Gemma Rolfe11
Corey Ryan11
Betsy Burnett11
Matt Hassall11
Simeon Hill11
Corneliu Tusnea11
Adrian Chan11
Steve Mark11
Victor Magiros11
Nat Deegan11
Steph Magiros11