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The Compound Ninja Event

Ninja Obstacles

The beauty of Australian Ninja Warrior is that you can train for it anywhere… there’s no right or wrong way to train… some walls, a door frame, underneath some stairs…  However… training on ninja obstacles similar to the show can’t hurt right? Right!  Therefore, below is a list of all the gyms in Australia with ninja obstacles to train on.

Check out the list below sorted by state.  If you know a place that’s rad but isn’t in this list, leave a comment below or click here to contact.  Alternatively, if scrolling isn’t your thing, they’re totally sortable on the Australian Ninja Warrior Gyms website.


Australian Ninja Warrior Gyms New South Wales (NSW)


Five Star Fitness Personal and Group Training

Five Star Fitness

It’s not a big place, but man have they packed a whole heap of obstacles in.  They’ve got a spider jump, warped wall, peg board, multiple salmon ladders, ring board and heaps and heaps of stuff to swing off, climb up, balance across and pull up on.  It was pretty much the go to place to train in while Australian Ninja Warrior was filming.


Address – 288 The Grand Pde, 2217 Sans Souci, NSW, Australia


Obstacle Course Racing School

Mick Gleeson - Ninja Obstacles

This video seems to show a lot of what they have to offer… they’ve got heaps.  I’ve actually seen this place pop up in viral videos of people being just super hardcore. The Obstacle Course Racing School will absolutely toughen up your hands, your core, well, pretty much all the bits.


Address – 2/5A Pioneer Ave, Tuggerah NSW 2259


Burns Outdoor Obstacle Course


They have a warped wall people! And you win a free pass to the course if you get up the top!  Can’t think of a better incentive plan that than.  Also, looks like there is lots of rope obstacles to really toughen up those hands.


Address – 25 Dwyer Road, Bringelly, NSW, 2556, Australia


Skyzone Miranda

Well, this looks like crazy amounts of fun.  I really want to try the Enduro course they’ve got going on.  Check out this video to get a little bit inspired.  While the obstacles aren’t so Ninja Warrior orientated, I think it’s really important to train by stringing obstacles together.  Obstacle course competitions are hardcore exhausting and Skyzone Miranda looks like a great place to train… and they time your runs… which appeals to me so much.Like Bounce, it looks more designed for kids, but don’t let that stop you.

Address – Located inside Westfield. Miranda, 600 Kingsway 2228 Miranda, NSW


CrossFit Geo

I know it’s a CrossFit Gym, but the owner, Adam Brown, is building up the number of Ninja Warrior obstacles with which to train with.  He’s training for Ninja Warrior himself so he’s more than happy to take you through the paces at the gym.  Here’s a small sample vid from Insta.

Address – 24B/33-37 College Street, Gladesville, NSW


Ninja Parc

Look at this place!  How much fun is this set up?  This place has been filling up my Insta feed as heaps of ninjas have been hitting this course… there is a competition, like, tomorrow so if you can get there, get onto it.  Heaps of ninja obstacles.
Ninja Parc 1


Address – Cnr Brooks & Tooke Streets, Cooks Hill NSW 2300


Commando Tough

Commando Tough in Caringbah NSW is pretty much as hardcore as you’d expect.  There are ninja obstacles throughout the facility… check out this video below for a cup of hardcore.


Address – 16 Endeavour Rd, Caringbah, 2229



I don’t know a whole lot about Aapes, but they’ve got a warped wall… that’s pretty ace.


Address – 3/3 Wood Street, Tempe NSW, 2044


Movement Republic

Nestled behind Darling Harbour, they’re doesn’t seem to be a lot of ninja obstacles per se, but they have a heap of apparatus that would help develop the same skills.  Lots of things to climb and swing off.

Address – 55 Murray Street Pyrmont NSW 2009


Australian Ninja Warrior Gyms Victoria (VIC)


The Compound

The Compound Ninja Event

The Compound has massively maxed it to the extreme in the last few months and is very much aiming to be THE ninja training facility on the east coast. They just had their own 4 stage Ninja Competition which looks like it was an absolute blast. Furthermore, they have a heap of ninja obstacles as is very much worth a visit if you’re in Victoria or even really just in the same country as VIC.


Address – 80 HUNTS RD, TUERONG VIC 3915


Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training


I haven’t been here myself, but Sheenobree from the Australian Ninja Warrior Forums says:

They have full sized warped walls, devils stairs, monkey bars, a spider climb, 10 foot walls, lache bars, cliffhanger holds, peg boards, swinging rings, mini tramps to pipe bombs, rings peg transfers. The owner Jase is one of the most passionate trainers I’ve ever met and does great things for his clients.  I highly recommend checking this place out as more is being added all the time. 


Address – 32-34 Raptor Place, South Geelong VIC 3220, Australia


PORC (Peninsula Obstacle Racing Course)


I don’t know much about this guy, but watching this video shows it to be Tough Mudder inspired, which is not at bad thing.  Lots of rope, tires and fences, I’m sure training here will toughen you all the way up.




Clifford Park

Clifford Park Ninja ObstaclesThis is where I’ve spent so much of my time training.  You’re going to get a lot dirtier than a lot of the gyms listed here, but it’s fun and the obstacles are surprisingly taxing. There’s nothing here that you’d see on a Ninja Warrior course, but training here you will absolutely develop the right muscles and your balance.   From memory it costs about $10 per visit.  Call ahead to make sure they don’t have any events on at the time you want to train… this is where the Victorian Tough Bloke challenge was held.


Address – 7 Clifford Drive, Wonga Park, VIC, 3115



Bounce Inc Glen Iris

BounceInc in Glen Iris has a whole ninja course set up!  It’s really designed for our younger ninjas, but it’s surprisingly taxing on adults too.  If you’re in the area, definitely give it a try, it’s exhausting and will toughen up the hands and feet… get your balance dialed in, etc.


Address – 2 Weir Street Glen Iris VIC 3146



Australian Ninja Warrior Gyms Queensland (QLD)


Terrain Training – QLD Ninja HQ

Terrain Training - QLD Ninja HQ 
Ninja HQ QLD is incredible.  They held the first State v State Ninja Competition in Australia, and it was epic… 54 competitors, 14 teams and it went for 8 hours.  Amazing!!
Terrain Training has had almost 80 Ninja Warrior competitors train and compete at their facility. Over 40 in their preparations for Ninja Warrior season 1 and the others visited from all over Australia for their State v State Ninja Warrior inspired competition.


Address – 7027 Southport Nerang Rd, Nerang, Queensland, Australia


Crank Indoor Climbing in Macgregor QLD

Quite a few ninjas visit Crank once a week to have a training session, they put up Gravity Grips in the training area to practise laches and catches. They create little courses to try.  It looks like a heap of fun, and if you can get there I’d highly recommend.  (Tee it up in this group)


Address – 7027 Southport Nerang Rd, Nerang, Queensland, Australia


Planet Commando

This place doesn’t have ninja obstacles, but it has a boatload of awesome cool stuff.  It’s more like an indoor high ropes fear factory, and with all the climbing, swinging and balancing you definitely wouldn’t be missing out by giving Planet Commando a run.


Address – 76 Business Street, Yatala QLD


Raising The Bar Calisthenics Training

Raising The Bar Calisthenics Training

They have a salmon ladder, warped wall, pegboards, balance beams, Cannonball alley and heaps of different grips, ropes and a 15m rope climb. Plus bars and ring.  They hold a ninja competition every couple of months. The owner has 6 years experience as a parkour coach and 6 years as a calisthenics coach.


Address – 3/352 Melton road, Northgate 4013 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Australian Ninja Warrior Gyms Western Australia (WA)


Perth Ninja Academy

Perth Ninja Academy

The Ninja Academy in Perth is seriously world-leading. I’ve visited quite a few Ninja gyms in the US and nothing even comes close to Ninja Academy in terms of size or epicness of the equipment.  They have monthly Ninja competitions which will help you build your tank and your skills as you string obstacles together and compete in front of an audience.  They’ll start holding national competitions in June 2017, so if you’re serious about training, definitely make an effort to get on over there.

Website FacebookYouTubeEmailInstagramTwitterPhone

Address – 7/443 Scarborough Beach Rd OSBORNE PARK, WA, 6017


Australian Ninja Warrior Gyms South Australia (SA)


SA Base Camp

SA Base Camp is designed more for getting you ripped and ready for Spartan races and Tough Mudders, but they have more than enough ropes, rings, bars and cliffhangers to get you Australian Ninja Warrior strong.  Our first Ninja In Training Jeff trains up a storm here.


Address – 3 Brandwood Street, Royal Park, South Australia 5014




Sooooo, this is the full list of gyms with ninja obstacles in Australia.  Let us know if we’ve missed anything.

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  1. Emma

    My gyms missing can u add it pls – centenary playground & my friend Lachlan another ninja raising the bar

  2. Byron Koester

    Immortal fitness in one of Melbournes north suburbs has a salmon ladder, bouldering wall, monkey bars, peg wall, climbing rope and grip strength apparatus
    Check them out.

  3. nigel

    Don’t leave out Byron’s newest facility.

  4. Deanna Munro

    Anyone know if there is a ninja course suitable for kids on the Sunshine Coast Qld.

  5. Deanna Munro

    Fighting Lyons Ninja is fabulous,kids and adults.

  6. Zo nunes for Ninja obstacle course in canberra. They have 10m rope climbs, 20m monkey bars, warped walls, lache bars and a massive salmon ladder called “armageddon”!

  7. Lisa

    My gym ninja play is missing could u please add it

  8. Fighting Lyons

    Fighting Lyons Ninja Warrior Academy-Essendon, Victoria

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