Monday – Not so rest day

Monday NInja Training

Given that we had friends over for the whole weekend, I didn’t really get all the workouts that I wanted, and I was feeling pretty rested already so I didn’t do my usual recovery things.

Instead I hit the rower for the first time in forever and really pushed out an intense 5 minutes.  I was trying to lean back as far as I can on each pull motion to work my abs as well.  It was pretty brutal and for the last minute I was just desperately hanging on.  That was just the warmup.

I think worked on scapula mobility, which is something I’ll try and do every day.

I did my tendonitis eccentric exercises twice today.  They aren’t intense. They use really low weights and really, really slow movements, so I’m going to try and do these guys as much as possible to try and punch the tendonitis away as quickly as possible.

During something, I totally strained my coccyx.  It was super weird, not sure what I did but it was crazy painful, and suddenly simple things like tying my shoes were almost impossible.  Weird.

Had acupuncture and the needles were going in much easier than ever before… which is good because my insurance is no longer paying for these sessions so I’m going to have to significantly cut back or give it away all together.  I did have an Epsom salt bath afterwards to try and calm my acupunctured arms and strained coccyx, not sure if it helped at all, but it was pretty relaxing.


Training Journal Stats


  • Tendonitis in both elbows
  • Gammy left knee  (Quad steps two weeks ago)

Sore bits:

  • Coccyx sore

Goal for this week:

  • Reconfigure my workouts

Goals for June:

  • Successfully land a 9ft (2.7 meters) lache.
  • Successfully catch the UFO grab from a lache.

2017 goals:

  • Submit an application for Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2
  • Submit an application for American Ninja Warrior Season 10
  • Complete at least 5 obstacles in a NNL or UNAA comp

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