Lache World Record

Lache World Record

Lache World Record

Check this out, is it a Lache World Record?:

⭐️LACHE WORLD RECORD⭐️ FINALLY hahah! After to many fails, face plants, blisters and bruises 💢I can safely say I’ve gotten the LACHE WORLD RECORD of 4.9 meters!!! The Guiness World Record guys are taking so long to get back to us about making this an official record, so if you could PLEASE REPOST this video this will increase the chances of this lache becoming an official world record! You will also be helping me achieve my childhood dream of having a world record. Thank you so much, this will mean the world to me! ❤️Thank you to Clem Vertigo from @thecompoundtraining and @merriweegrovesportstherapy for filming all my stacks and thank you to @turbo_superfoods for all the support! @gravity.grips @australianninjawarrior @ninjawarriorau @bounceinc @australianninjawarriornation @ladbible #ladbible

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As far as we can tell, this is the Lache World Record.  It’s definitely an Australian Ninja Warrior Record.

The Guinness Book of records has the current record at 3.5 metres (11ft 5.8 inches) (see here) which is really just a technicality considering Drew Drechsel and Najee Richardson battled it out to 15 ft on the American Ninja Warrior special.

Although Najee is close (see here) he hasn’t hit 4.9 metres as far as we can tell.  It’ll take Jaze 12 weeks to go through the Guiness Book of World Records process… but I don’t think he’ll have any problem repeating this.

Exciting times!! We’re hoping to have an interview with Jaze soon.


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  1. Steve

    That was sick! Congrats Jaze! World Record holder.

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