Friday – Ninja and tendonitis test day

Friday Ninja Training

Woke up at crazy crazy o’clock – in the 3s dagnammit, so decided that I’ll get my tendonitis eccentric exercises done early.  This was to give myself a bit of rest time before my other workouts for today, Fridays are my roughest day.

Last week I did the new grip strength workout which killed my forearms for the Competitive Ninja Warrior class at Skyhook Ninja Fitness. This week I did that same grip strength workout on Tuesday (incorporated into my pull/push workout) and this week I’ll go back to my old grip strength workout (more of a forearm workout).  I know this only slightly ruins me for tonight’s class, as opposed to completely ruins me like last week.

I’m trying to heal my elbow tendonitis as quickly as possible, while also training (everyone recommends rest which I don’t have time for and didn’t work for me last time) so I’m trying to be as scientific about it as possible.  Try something, track result, fine tune, etc.

Last week as soon as I hit the cannonballs in the class my tendonitis flared and didn’t settle all night.

This week, we’ll see.


At lunchtime I hit my static grip strength workout… the first set was easy as.  I had to double check that I hadn’t picked up the wrong weights.  Nope, I’m just crazy strong today.

Last time I did this static grip strength/forearm workout was 9 days ago, and honestly that first set I was cruising through it so easily… I thought maybe I’ll have to rethink it, but then the second and third set got as hard as I remembered… really struggled in the last set.  Still, interesting that first set was so cruisey. Not sure if that was the rest or if the other exercises I’m doing have made me stronger.


Not many peeps in the Competitive Ninja Warrior class at Skyhook tonight, which made an already brutal session that much more.  They set up a competitive course for us, so naturally we threw ourselves completely into it.  I went third and actually managed to beat the time of the previous dudes, so pretty happy, and then the last dude just completely smoked me.  Beat my speed course time by 13 seconds…. and when someone suggests going in reverse order he sprints straight into it.  I was next up, totally not recovered at all but managed to improve on some of the movements… but completely failed a couple of obstacles that I did pretty easily the first time.

Completely made me aware that my tank isn’t nearly good enough yet.  I need to get to a point where I can almost sprint for a full minute without any trouble.  At the moment I very nearly needed a spew bucket.  Lot of work to do, but that’s the great thing about this class, it totally highlights weaknesses.


I only did it a couple of times this week, but I really need to consistently do a warmup… and that might be a good time to push my endurance.  An almost sprint on the rower or cross trainer has got to push my endurance right?  Might need to also work in some actual sprints down at the park.  Sprint in one direction, walk back, etc etc.


Tendonitis was better, but it wasn’t a hugely upper body session… definitely better than last week.  Flared up in a couple of spots but not the constant fire it’s been in the past. Definitely bothered me on the drive home, especially the left.. but I think it’s improving.  Will definitely keep up my tendonitis eccentric exercises for another couple of weeks to see if there’s any improvement.




Training Journal Stats


  • Tendonitis in both elbows
  • Gammy left knee  (Quad steps two weeks ago)

Sore bits:

  • Feelin’ good

Goal for this week:

  • Reconfigure my workouts

Goals for June:

  • Successfully land a 9ft (2.7 meters) lache.
  • Successfully catch the UFO grab from a lache.

2017 goals:

  • Submit an application for Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2
  • Submit an application for American Ninja Warrior Season 10
  • Complete at least 5 obstacles in a NNL or UNAA comp

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