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    That makes sense… but then that may be the case for at least a few of the others as well, and if there were multiple finishers, it may have hurt the show in the long run… still pretty unfair on the contestants though



    That makes sense… but then that may be the case for at least a few of the others as well, and if there were multiple finishers, it may have hurt the show in the long run… still pretty unfair on the contestants though ):



    I personally dislike the idea of a time limit. I’d rather see everything everyone has to offer and then let their times speak for themselves. But the organisation has other ideas



    There’s something funny about the ranking system. You know how I said Lee Cossey finished about last? I checked and in actual fact, he ranked 7th out of 9, ahead of Ben Polson and Alex Matthews. Why? Because he failed faster. Isn’t this an obscene glitch in the ranking methodology? Is this how it works everywhere else? Is this how it always will work? If two people go out on the same obstacle, they are compared by the time they hit the water – so that the ones who struggle more and progress further on that obstacle are at a disadvantage. I think it is obviously better to compare based on the time that they finished the previous obstacle – otherwise it’s conceivable that sometimes people have an incentive to plunge into the water deliberately



    If that does work out like you’ve said then that’s definitely a bit of a glitch in the system.

    I know that in the American series your time is based on when you got to the obstacle you failed on. So regardless of how long you spend on that obstacle you’re only judged on the time you made it to it at.



    After probing it further, I find there is definitely no other system they could be using. Even though most runs are not archived, no timed placement contradicts it, and examples like the trio Janet Smith, Celeste Dixon and Adam Brown on the Double Tilt Ladders in Heat 1, falling within a second apart, make it quite clear.
    I only wonder if anyone qualified, or failed to qualify, to the semifinals based on this rather ridiculous point. It seems fairly likely – and if so, I wonder how many future results will be decided similarly…



    I suppose they just find it easier to have one universal finishing time and to arrange everything based on that. Ideally, though, you’d want to have competitor’s incentives in mind in setting every rule. When it’s all about the time, that means that if you’re sufficiently unlikely to finish the current obstacle, your best strategy is to give up rather than burn time trying.

    With the American rule you mentioned, that means that if you’re approaching an obstacle that you’re sufficiently unlikely to complete, your best strategy is to hop onto it fast rather than spend time thinking or preparing. But that’s way better than the Australian rule and probably makes no practical difference whatsoever.

    I like comparing from the completion of the previous obstacle. It seems to have the most integrity with the objective of staying alive. And if it’s the first obstacle, go in reverse so that the longer you last the higher you place. But that’s in a perfect world ;D



    I definitely thought your time was based on when a contestant last completed an obstacle… so if we both came off the at the fifth obstacle… but you went from the fourth to fifth with no hesitation, but I completed the fourth quicker… and stood around between the obstacles and then failed on the fifth, I would technically have a better time than you.

    That’s my understanding… and to me seems fair.

    I was in the audience for the Grand Final, and Stage 2 didn’t seem impossible impossible… but you needed to have an absolutely perfect run to even get close. Even though Australians were upset… I think the whole Ninja Warrior world would have been upset if there had been a Total Victory in the first season. It basically would have made the Australian course a joke.



    Hey Adam,
    I think it would be great if that’s how it worked… but are you sure Australian Ninja Warrior Season 1 worked that way? Janet Smith vs Celeste Dixon in Heat 1 is a great example of exactly what you describe. Celeste clears the fourth obstacle about 5 seconds faster, but after going slowly onto the fifth and falling 3 seconds later than Janet, she is placed behind her. Every ranking can be ordered by the time of falling and it looks like that was deliberate.

    Thank you for pointing that out so clearly about Stage 2, it makes sense. Funny how Stage 2 is such a BIG step up, like everything else is almost easy by comparison. But yeah that will build excitement for years to come!



    I’m not in Australia but just finished watching Ninja Warrior and tho I thought overall that most of the courses were far easier than American Ninja Warrior setups, I thought the athletes did a fine job with what they had. A couple of things did bother me, Aussie ninja only has 3 stages which if it weren’t for the 65 second 2nd stage wouldn’t have been very hard. That being said, I think the 65 second time limit was entirely too short for those obstacles. They would’ve had to be absolutely perfect on each thing to even have a chance at the time limit. To take that another step further, American ninja 2nd stage is pretty brutal and yes they do have a time limit for that stage. The 3rd stage is a total rock climbers dream as it all upper body and grip strength and has no time limit. Then you have stage 4 which is the rope climb for Mount Midoriyama. When I first started watching, I was thinking they had the courses set up so easy so they could have finishers but at the same time I was thinking the top American ninjas could blow the courses away in under a minute and then for the finals they added the 4 or so additional obstacles and I still think the top Americans could run thru it in a minute and a half. I hope next year they make it a bit harder as I know the ninjas down under will train and will get better and better. Also when American Ninja Warrior has their challenge matches against 2 other countries or more then Australia will be represented well. Good luck guys.

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