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    Ashlin’s run was just so smooth… but no surprises there.

    I have to say, I’m really, really enjoying the show. Having watched the American and Japanese versions so much, I was really worried about it, but like you said, the pacing is great and I just want to learn more about the ninjas.


    Maria Vella

    Good luck to all the challengers for Monday and Tuesday night I love the show
    I think it’s entertaining and exciting to watch.


    Barb Saunders

    Total crap, at stage 2 of the grand finals it should have more or no time limit, i think this is shit… great athelites with no reasonable time to complete the course, just rediculous, cut these blokes some slack, they are amazing and no other course in the world has the restraints that australian ninja warrior has



    I’ve been trying to find the time limits for stage 2, in other parts of the world. Hard to find anything solid.

    Is this 65 sec time limit a course requirement? Or did the producers screw this one up?



    It’s most likely they based the time limit on the UK series where they have 75 seconds to complete the first 6 obstacles in stage two. In the USA after the first stage of the grand final there are no more time limits.

    I think part of the reason the time limit was so strict here is that the production behind the show felt like that having a finisher on the first season of the show would devalue how tough the course actually is and make the Australian series seem to easy compared to international equivalents.

    I know just from religiously watching the US series over the years, when I finally got to see Geoff Britten conquer Mt Midoriama, I was shouting and screaming at the TV because there had been so much excitement and hype built up over the years as each season, competitors got slightly closer each time and kept getting better and better.

    If you looked at the US qualifying courses now, they have obstacles in them that would be considered harder than anything in the Australian ninja warrior course, but they have to keep making it difficult so we feel that sense of accomplishment as the competitors break through those barriers.



    Hi Raven,

    American Ninja Warrior has always set time limits for Stage 2. Here is a link to the American Ninja Warrior Wiki page

    “Stage 2 consists of obstacles that test the competitors’ strength and speed. Competitors must complete challenges that strain their upper-body strength (such as the Salmon Ladder) without running out of time. Just as in the first stage, only the competitors who successfully finish within the time limit move on to Stage 3.”

    In last years season of American Ninja Warrior, competitors had 3:30 to complete that course. Here’s a YouTube video of Jessie Graff (the first woman to attempt Stage 2). Here is the link

    Hope this helps!



    I agree the backlash about there not being a winner is missing the point. Stage 2 is meant to be tough, it’s meant to be far from a guarantee. But how tough? Was that first obstacle reasonable at that time limit? Even the clip with the trainer doing it properly shows he nearly saw his ass, struggling to save his foot. It seems like they did want to have everyone bomb in season 1? No surprises, nobody even gets close to reproducing that flawless technique, the closest being Lee Cossey. Imagine if they built the first obstacle so hard that obviously nobody passes it – that’s basically what they did, only cleverly disguised by the time limit. Do you agree?



    I actually disagree just a touch. I honestly think it was the time-limit that made that first obstacle so hard. If there was no time-limit I think most of the finalists would have been able to get through it… but with the time-limit everyone was trying to (rightfully so) rush it.

    I’d also be really curious to know if the finalists were able to watch each other tackle the course, that makes a huge difference.

    I do agree though that it’s better for the show that no one finished Stage 2.
    Firstly, having everyone talk about it the next day was perfect… you can’t buy that kind of publicity and secondly, that’s the secret that kept American Ninja Warrior building year after year… it’s like a multiyear story arc that no other show can compete with.

    I absolutely think Season 2 will have much, much stronger competitors… everyone with experience on the show will have had a full year to train. It’s going to be amazing.



    Oh I also acknowledge that it isn’t an unrealistic obstacle in its own right (although a couple may have legitimately messed it up, others recovered splendidly). I fully agree that it is the absolutely faultless technique required by the time limit for this obstacle that makes it so challenging – the combination of the ropes and the time seems diabolical to me, intentionally as tough as they could get away with. Sorry I didn’t make this more clear before! Seems to be an obscured fact that every single person was essentially eliminated by that one obstacle, either by falling or by losing too much time.

    Do you think the outcome of Stage 2 affected any of the competitors negatively the way it did fans? What’s their take on it? I’m thinking of Ashlin who must have had his confidence bolstered so much up to that point. But I don’t know and I’m curious.

    Hey, that’s great news, looking forward to Season 2 and beyond! 🙂



    People have been saying that they should have crowned Fred the winner lol. That would have been so annoying imo. When everyone goes out in a very similar fashion, who went the furthest fastest is almost random. Fred, Tom and Ashlin did about the same: flailed and then recovered. And Lee is placed last despite being the only one to have a good crack at the right technique.


    Shaun Brien

    After competing against Ashlin a few times this year I can definitely say he’s been very focused on speed and efficiency on obstacles.

    I definitely don’t think they should’ve crowned a winner. I even like how they didn’t make a big deal about the last man standing like they do in the U.K. As a viewer I just want to see total victory.



    Oh that will surprise nobody, but it sounds like a privilege to witness firsthand. I could only judge from what was aired. I noticed that Ashlin was in Heat 2 and Semifinal 2, and both of these proved to be the easiest variants (by numbers of finishers). This made me reserve judgement about whether he really would be the favourite in the end, but the final spoke for itself.

    Can you weigh in on whether he was dismayed by the strict conditions of Stage 2, or if any of the others were? I know Tom said it’s alright, it’s like climbing everest, but he seems like a ridiculously nice dude lol


    Shaun Brien

    I’ll ask him when I see him tomorrow and let you know.



    Thank you very much! I ask because it does seem like the producers wanted it to be almost impossible (with the time plus ropes), and perhaps that pulled the rug out from under all that training and momentum and was disappointing? Very interested to hear what his take is


    Shaun Brien

    So he definitely wasn’t stoked on the time limit as he felt like he was good enough to make it through without the time limit.

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