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    Audience Tickets are now available for the filming of Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2.

    Here is the link:

    Interestingly enough, there is 6 heats this year. There was 5 last year.
    As far as I know, there are still only 250 Ninjas in Season 2… so I’m pretty sure we’ll see more ninjas this year (last year about 15 ninjas per 50 were aired) so that’s really exciting.

    My guess is that 15 ninjas will go through to the semis instead of 18… still making the 90 ninjas into the semis. I’m also guessing that we’ll see a weekly show of 10 episodes instead of the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 3 week format of last year.

    Last year the Family Session was 8pm to 10pm with a ferry taking the audience back around 10:30pm. The second session arrived at 9pm or so, and would finish up at 2am, sleep in the tents provided and take the ferry back in the morning.

    Very sure the extra heat means that they’ll try and finish up way before 2am (41 ninjas per night instead of 50) to avoid the after-midnight noise complaints… but the second session will still stay overnight.

    Dates for the heats are:

    Tuesday 5th of December – 5pm
    Tuesday 5th of December – 6pm
    Wednesday 6th of December – 5pm
    Wednesday 6th of December – 6pm
    Thursday 7th of December – 5pm
    Thursday 7th of December – 6pm
    Friday 8th of December – 5pm
    Friday 8th of December – 6pm
    Saturday 9th of December – 5pm
    Saturday 9th of December – 6pm
    Sunday 10th of December – 5pm
    Sunday 10th of December – 6pm


    David Ballard

    Hi, I applied for two tickets for Tuesday 5th Family session but have not heard if I was successful. When will I be contacted?



    Hi David,

    I think last year it was only a couple of weeks before filming that people were notified. There were plenty of seats though, I don’t think you’ll have a problem…


    Dwayne Pearson

    I would like to submit fot tickets of Season 2 For Saturday 10th December.
    2 adults 1 Child 10 yrs old. Regards Dwayne Pearson



    Hi Dwayne,

    Unfortunately it looks like that session is booked out already.

    The only remaining sessions are:

    Overnight camping – Tuesday 5th of December – 6pm
    Overnight camping – Wednesday 6th of December – 6pm
    Overnight camping – Thursday 7th of December – 6pm

    I realise these probably aren’t ideal for your 10 year old, but if you are still interested please fill out the form attached to this link:



    Peter Heugh

    Hi ANW,
    I have applied to be a contestant and audience member on both seasons so far. I was unsuccessful getting a start as a contestant for both series but was able to be an audience member for several episodes of season 1. I applied once again to be an audience member for season 2 but am still waiting to hear a response. It is now 2 weeks away and I am really keen to know. I have applied for the early session of every heat. When can I find out?

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