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    Hi everyone,

    How is everyone feeling about their applications? Have you been contacted yet or is it total radio silence?

    I put my application in 2 days ago and have pretty much been refreshing my e-mail constantly ever since. Last year the Ninja Warrior Casting team had e-mailed me a heap before I had even finished my application… they were asking me about various details and really pushing me to get my video in. This year I haven’t heard a peep from them. Obviously we can expect a huge influx of applications this season as opposed to last season, but yeah, can’t help but be a touch nervous about all the silence.

    I know last year they unofficially cut off applications a week or so before the application deadline because they already had all the talent they needed… so it’s hard not to think I might have been too late this year.

    Anyway, let us know how you’re feeling about the whole thing. I’ve collected some great videos from various applicants here:

    Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2 Application Videos



    I’ve heard that the Ninja Warrior Casting team is chasing a number of cheerleaders and pole dancers, which gives the impression they might be after more glamour and less technical skill. Guess time will tell…


    Shaun Brien

    It’s pretty interesting that applications officially close a week early on the 29th now. So that gives them around 2 weeks to call everyone who gets an audition.

    Definitely weird having total radio silence though. They must have thousands and thousands of applications.




    Ah, well, this is confusing! And possibly contradictory.
    They did have a message saying they were closing on the 29th of August… but after that date you were still able to press the Submit button to apply. (Last year the page still existed but all the words were struck out).

    Now the above message, that applications are open until midnight on the 11th of September. Does this mean they haven’t found what they’re looking for? Or they have but they want to say they’ve received thousands of apps?

    So much mystery…



    They sent out an e-mail with these dates:

    – You must be available for the following day(s) in your residing city.
    Brisbane – Saturday 16th September 2017 / Sunday 17th September
    Perth – Thursday 21st September 2017
    Adelaide – Saturday 23rd September 2017
    Melbourne – Sunday 24th September 2017 / Monday 25th September 2017
    Sydney – Tuesday 3rd October 2017 / Wednesday 4th October 2017

    Which means that applications close only 4 days before Brisbane does it’s first trial. Balls to the wall!



    Looks like there might be a walk-on line for people who don’t make it through the audition process… it’s a great idea, makes for great TV (Kevin Bull was a walk on) and I’m super excited that people might get a 2nd chance…



    The walk on line will be pretty interesting.

    I’m assuming production will still be in Sydney on Ninja Island and so Walk-ons will no doubt need to fly themselves to Sydney and wait in line which is a big commitment for a maybe. But it’ll be great for any ninjas who don’t get through and really want a shot.

    I wonder how the Brisbane auditions went.



    I heard they were pretty tough… no one that I know was all “man, what a breeze”, most people were happy with their performance which I’m sure makes casting pretty hard.

    Lots of people asking how the fitness test relates to a ninja course… but I understand that the show is still very much is it’s infancy and they can’t risk everyone falling before the Warped Wall and them having no show to produce… that said, ninjas are so much stronger this year after all the available comps have been run!

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