Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2 Audition Dates?


Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2 Audition Dates?

With the massive excitement of Australian Ninja Warrior Season 1 all set to premiere in just 11 short days, it’s super easy to forget that the process for  Kate Willy PromoAustralian Ninja Warrior Season 2 will need to start super soon if they’re going to film this year.

It seems pretty clear that Channel 9 will advertise auditions while the show is airing so they absolutely smash the number of audition videos that applied last year (I thought it was 3000, but I keep seeing Ninjas mention 6000, so now I’m not sure).  Either way, I expect them to far exceed application numbers for Australian Ninja Warrior 2018.

The dates for last year were:

19th June 2016 : Applications opened

5pm 9th September 2016 : Applications closed

12th September to 7th October 2016 : Trials held around Australia

3rd to 15th December 2016 : Filming

Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2 Audition Dates?

Given that today is the 27th of June, and the show won’t be on for another 2 weeks… we’re really curious to see if they’ll maintain the same schedule as last year but with a shorter application time. Surely that has to be the only place where the timeline can slip… they wouldn’t want to film any closer to Christmas, and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to film in January.

The other thing I wonder is maybe they’ll scrap the trials. American Ninja Warrior doesn’t do trials… but they invite a portion of previous competitors back each season, so they’d know they’d have some athletes get far enough through the competition. Maybe Australia will do the same, I’m really super curious to see how it all plays out.


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  1. Shaun Brien

    I need to start editing a video ASAP so I’m prepared. On the upside I have way more footage and a cooler story this year.

    1. Adam

      I absolutely believe that applying earlier is better.
      It gives them time to get exactly what they need from you… if you leave it to the last minute, they’re pretty much got their cast.

      Haha, story is everything man!

  2. Orange Ninja

    Thanks for the update Adam!

    1. Adam

      You’re very welcome brother… It’s more conjecture than update, but I wanted to make sure we all still had our eye on the prize…

  3. Sheenobree

    Also casting from Australia is happening for Ultimate Beastmaster Season 2!

  4. Australia Auditions

    This is a very good reality TV show to watch with Family. Thanks for the update when the auditions will be start for 2018

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