Australian Ninja Warrior Expected Viewing Schedule

Australian Ninja Warrior Expected Viewing Schedule

Channel 9 hasn’t released the Australian Ninja Warrior Expected Viewing Schedule, but some ninja detectives have worked it out.

Australian Ninja Warrior Expected Viewing Schedule

Australian Ninja Warrior Expected Viewing Schedule

Sunday July 9th – 7pm – Premiere – 1st Qualifier (Source – Take that House Rules!)

Monday July 10th – 7:30pm – 2nd Qualifier

Tuesday July 11th – 7:30pm – 3rd Qualifier

Sunday July 16th – 7pm – 4th Qualifier

Monday July 17th – 7:30pm – 5th Qualifier

Tuesday July 18th – 7:30pm – 6th Qualifier

Sunday July 23rd – 7pm – 1st Semi-Final

Monday July 24th – 7:30pm – 2nd Semi Final

Tuesday July 25th – 7:30pm- Grand Final


I actually watched the Grand Final and it was epic.  Literally on the edge of our seats the whole night.  I can’t wait to watch it again!

Obviously we’ll update this post as the times become known.  My guess would be 7:30pm – pretty sure they can bench 20 to One and Hamish and Andy for 3 weeks.

If you find out before us, please leave a comment on this post.


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We’re trying our best to build the Ninja community in Australia to be similar to the US.  It’s an incredible community full of extremely supportive people.  There honestly aren’t many sports where all the competitors are absolutely cheering everyone else on, but that’s how it is… it’s all of us versus the course… and if we help you win the whole thing, that’s a win for all of us.  If you’re interested, get involved.  It could very well be the best decision you’ve ever made.


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  1. Shaun Brien

    I’m so excited, but at the same time 3 weeks is such a fast time to air the whole series. Hopefully it explodes like it should.

    1. Adam

      I know, it’s unusual right? I’m assuming hour long episodes… but I can guarantee I’m probably going to watch the whole series more than once.

      I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t explode. The production values actually look incredible, and it’s such a positive and inspiring concept… it’s a show literally perfect for any age.

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