Adam Waring

Hi!  My name is Adam Waring and I’m 38 years old from Northcote, Victoria.  I’ve been a fan of Ninja Warrior for a whole heap of years… I originally found the Japanese version Sasuke on channel SBS and immediately became obsessed.  To my immense joy, Sasuke had been running twice a year and so I had something like 14 seasons to backtrack along.  Around Season 17 or so, some American competitors started appearing and soon American Ninja Warrior was very much my new obsession.  I’ll always be a fan of Sasuke (Makato Nagano might always be my favourite ninja), but I never liked the constant novelty/hokey competitors (even the adorable Mr Octopus) so ANW was more my style.

In July 2015, my partner and I decided to move to America so I could train and compete in American Ninja Warrior, I was too inspired not to try.  In October 2015 we moved to Portland, Oregon where the people are super outdoorsy, be it hiking, rock climbing or skiing and thus my training begun.  I took up indoor rock climbing/bouldering and Parkour… and in April 2015 found kindred spirit Cody, my Ninja Trainer who is also training for American Ninja Warrior.  He’s been yelling at me to climb harder, jump higher and ninja more ninjarly ever since.

In June 2016, Channel 9 announced they were open for casting for Season 1 of Australian Ninja Warrior.  The different international variations are quite different, Sasuke to ANW to Ninja Warrior UK to Ninja Warrior Sweden, but Australian Ninja Warrior seemed to offer inspiration from American Ninja Warrior in it’s casting announcement, so I’m hopeful they’re very similar.  I’m currently in the middle of creating my application video for Australian Ninja Warrior, and if all things going super well, I intend to be the first Australian Ninja Warrior and the first Aussie on American Ninja Warrior in 2017.

My training is hard and my progress is slow… but I’m learning and thinking about it and I’d guess I’d have at least 6 months training ahead of most people who’ve found this website. When I started there was hardly any information on line.  The experienced people didn’t really want to share their secrets, everyone is coming at it from a different place with a different strategy.  There is also no right or wrong way to train for Ninja Warrior.  We don’t know what obstacles we’ll be facing, but I want to help anyone I can at least get started in their training for the most amazing adventure of their lives.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

Have fun!