Australian Ninja Warrior

Watch Channel 9 from 7pm to find out when Australian Ninja Warrior premieres!

Got some more news for Australian Ninja Warrior Season 1! Click on the image below to see the video for the newly new news: Or click on this link to head straight to YouTube – Slight More Big news for Australian Ninja Warrior. Watch A Current Affair...
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3 brutal but amazing exercises to master for Australian Ninja Warrior

While there are a trillion exercises you can do to prepare for Ninja Warrior, I think these 3 exercises to master for Australian Ninja Warrior are the most useful. Let’s just jump straight in!   1.) Hangboard pullups There is so much to like about...
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Salmon Ladder – classic crazy Ninja Warrior obstacle (1st attempt)

Salmon Ladder Ninja Warrior training For those that don’t know, the Salmon Ladder is an obstacle on American Ninja Warrior that’s been around since the start, is incredibly hard, is in every version of the show and forces veterans and rookies...
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